Andrea Stašková Light Gives Shape

12. 6. – 1. 8. 2021

open daily (Street Gallery)

Pakosta Gallery, Mariánská ulice

opening ceremony | 11. 6. 2021 at 17.00

curator | Ladislav Steininger

promoted by | Pakosta Gallery

Is what I see reality? Or is it just a reflection of my ideas and wishes? Who I am is shaping my path. Or does the path shape me? But which way is the right one? And how do I know it? And what if everything I meet on my path is just the opposite of what it looks like? Andrea Stašková develops a family tradition of working with glass in the arts. Glass continues to fascinate her. She is good with it, and from this relationship, one can feel the certainty and the ease she is working with this material. In her work, she combines the unique feminine energies of kindness and compassion with strength and fragility, which give another dimension to her reliefs.

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From the opening ceremony: