Emil Filla and His Followers from a cycle views into gallery collections

East Bohemian Gallery in Pardubice, Zámek 3, Pardubice

8. 6. - 8. 10. 2017
Tuesday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Vernissage 28.6. 2017 at 17 p.m.

Curator Mgr. Ing. Marcela Rusinko, Ph.D. 


A summer exhibition in the rooms of the Castle of Pardubice is devoted to the one of the signifiant names of the czech arts of the 20th century.  We will take a look into works of the painter and art theorist Emil Filla (1882 – 1953) through a set of works, which the East Bohemian Gallery gained into its collections  during several decades. This exhibition will aim at the confrontation of Filla`s mature and late works with early works of his followers, who in the periond 1946 – 1953 went through his atelier of monumental painting under the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. We count following personalities into Filla`s followers – Čestmír Kafka, Milan Grygar, Vladimír Jarcovják, Jaroslav Klápště, Zbyněk Sekal, Karel Vaca, Jitka and Květa Válová, or for example Václav Menčík or Václav Kiml. Convolution of Filla`s work in the gallery collections counts more than one hundered of works; paintings, drawings and graphics. Some of these, especially A Still Life with a Mandolin (1926), A Woman (1933) or A Musician (1931), were repetedly reproduced and lent for significant exhibitions. In the local collection is as well the largest painting of Filla, the well known composition Three Women Acts with a Dog (1929), to which the Gallery owns as well a preliminary sketch.

Apart from these chefs-d`oeuvre will the exhibition focus on the late period of the artist, illustrations of his cycles from thirties and late fourties, Fights and Struggles, Songs and landscape works from The Czech Central Mountains. The exposure will be supported by early works of Filla`s followers, mainly by those, who became during the sixties  reputable artists. The exhibition is in a cooperation with The Institute of Art History by The Czech Academy of Sciences complemented by a valuable cycle  of  the late photoportraits of Emil Filla, made by Josef Sudek.

Pedagogical period of Emil Filla on The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, which took place after his return from the concentration camp and the beginning of the communist dictatorship, represents apparently the most difficult period of his personal life and art work. This period opens many unanswered questions about the relationship of this exeptional personality with the regime and ideology of this period.

Under the auspices of the First Vice-president of the Regional Council Pardubice, Roman Línek

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