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Alena Kučerová. Spot, Picture, Landscape

9. 6. – 31. 8. 2024

Alena Kučerová (born 1935) is Czech artist and graphic designer, member of the UB 12 group. Initially, she was an illustrator, her graphic works were dominated by abstraction, and later she discovered the unique technique of perforating a printing plate. The exhibition presents a cross-section of her work, from a selection of well-known works to lesser exhibited objects. The exhibition seeks to capture some specific works in several different forms of processing.


Opening Event:
8 June 2024 at 3pm

Opening hours of the exhibition:
daily 10am–5pm during the Smetana’s Litomyšl festival; then Tue–Sun 10am–5pm

Concept of the exhibition:
Jaroslav Pecka, Jana Hladíková

Miroslav Kubík Gallery, Smetanovo nám. 71, Litomysl

Web: www.galerie-mk.cz