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Stanislav Sucharda. Nation’s Emotions

7. 6. – 15. 9. 2024

The exhibition at the House of the Knights presents the early and monumental work of the leading Czech sculptor of the turn of the 19. and 20th centuries and contemporary of Bedřich Smetana – Stanislav Sucharda (1866-1916). Although Sucharda did not eventually realise Smetana’s monument in Prague, he incorporated some of his themes into his other monument designs. Especially in the repeatedly portrayed character of Libuše, a shared admiration for Smetana’s most important opera is combined with Sucharda’s fascination with Czech paganism. The sculptures are accompanied by relevant drawings by the artist and period photographs. The exhibition’s core set is made up of five plaster patinated models of the heads of individual figures of the Prague Palacký Monument (1901-1912), which impress the viewer with their monumentality and strong expressiveness.


Opening Event:
6th June 2024 at 5pm

Opening hours of the exhibition:
Tue-Sun 10am–12pm, 1pm–5pm

Litomyšl City Gallery, House of the Knights, Smetanovo nám. 110, Litomysl

Web: www.galerie.litomysl.cz