Milan Houser / The Colour from Space

13. 6. – 26. 9. 2021

White Gallery, Osík u Litomyšle 371

open | after a telephone booking: +420 604 232 032

opening ceremony | 12. 6. 2021 at 15.00 (open to public following the current covid situation)

curator | Marika Kupková

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Gold is a colour from space caused by collisions of neutron stars and supernova explosions. It is associated with a lot of meanings and metaphors. To somebody, it could resemble the glitter of golden teeth in the mouth. Somebody else may find an association with the look into the Sun. Milan Houser's exhibition refers to a sci-fi short story by H. P. Lovecraft, which discusses - as is typical of this writer - the fascinating callousness of the universe and the fragility of anthropocentrism. It is one of Lovecraft's many variants of doom and the end of the world, this time happening through a beautiful, alluring colour in which there is something destructive. For this exhibition, Houser intentionally chooses paintings that have a completely reduced colour concept and paintings that offer entirely a look into the colour. This also strengthens the typical features of Houser's painting: the emphasis on the visual interaction of the surrounding world with the painting, where the painting is created only based on light, reflection, and mirroring of the surroundings. It also draws our attention to our own perception, to the creation of reality through our eyes. The system of glowing monochromes is as enchanting as it is emptied.

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From the opening ceremony: