Martin Dräger

4. – 18. 7. 2021

August's Printing Company, Šantovo náměstí 182

open | daily 10.00 – 12.00, 13.00 – 17.00

opening ceremony | 3. 7. 2021 at 13.00

curator | Martin Dräger

promoted by | Museum Association of August's Printing Company

Working with metal might be not only physically exacting but also playful, beautiful and breathtaking. Especially, when the material gets into the right hands. The work by artist and blacksmith Martin Dräger will be displayed on the premises of August's Printing Company. Martin Dräger, a graduate of SUPŠ in Turnov, has been working with metal and artistic blacksmithing for more than half a century, and his works from recent years will be presented in Litomyšl.

Exhibitions 2021


From the opening ceremony: