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Čestmír Suška / Balance

17. 5. – 15. 9. 2024

The exhibition in the city’s exterior presents a selection of sculptures by Čestmír Suška, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and one of the most important organizers of the Czech art scene. The ten monumental sculptures were placed in the public space of the city with the intention of organically blending the individual aesthetics of the metal solitaires with the distinctive atmosphere of each location. The author’s reflections on the balance between durable matter and fragile perforated decoration, between external and internal space and light, have materialized in the pure geometric morphology of the selected works that allow Litomyšl visitors to see the urban landscape through a new lens.


Opening Event:
7 June 2024 at 5pm, in front of the Church of the Discovery of the Holy Cross, Jiráskova Street, Litomyšl

Guided tours of the exhibition:
20 June at 5:30pm; 22 August at 5:30 pm; Meeting point at the entrance of the Church of the Discovery of St. Cross, Jiráskova Street

Martina Zuzaňáková, Jana Kosková

Litomyšl, exterior of the city

Organiser of the exhibition:
Litomyšl Town Gallery

Web: www.galerie.litomysl.cz