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MenART – On the road

10. 6. – 15. 9. 2024

“Inspirational encounters are essential in life.”
In the House of Knights, the seat of the Litomyšl Town Gallery, we present the works of 30 talented students and 21 teachers from all over the Czech Republic who worked for a year under the guidance of photographer Štěpánka Stein, sculptor Čestmír Suška and graphic designer Šimon Brejcha in the MenART Scholarship Academy programme.
This year, the traditional exhibition of MenART art groups will be presented in the previously hidden rooms of the House of Knights. The MenART Scholarship Academy of Arts Education enables young talents and their teachers to cooperate with prominent personalities of the Czech art scene in the fields of art, music, theatre and dance.


Opening Event:
9 June 2024 at 2pm

Opening hours of the exhibition:
Tue-Sun 10am–12pm, 1pm–5pm

Štěpánka Stein, Čestmír Suška, Šimon Brejcha

Municipal Town Litomyšl, Smetanovo nám. 110, Litomyšl

Akademie uměleckých talentů, z. ú.

Web: www.menart.cz