Plan B

3. 7. – 30. 8. 2021

Exterior of the town, Litomyšl

opening ceremony | 3. 7. 2021 at 14.00

curator | Lenka Lindaurová

promoted by | Bohemian Heritage Fund and The Town Gallery Litomyšl

The second year of the project presenting art objects in the public space of the city of Litomyšl is a continuation of a situation in which the exhibition operation has considerable limits. However, it seems that its ambition in the future is to create a regular summer dialogue of art with a broad audience. In collaboration with The Town Gallery Litomyšl and the Bohemian Heritage Fund, another display is being created to activate the attention not only of visitors to the city but also its people. It is not easy to intervene in a cultivated environment, which is dominated by both historical and modern architectural gems, where in many places we meet traces of important cultural personalities of the past and present. This is also realized by invited artists of different generations, who come with their works to encourage everyone who already misses meeting with arts so much. This year's exhibition was still prepared as Plan B because even in spring it was not clear what the summer season would look like. The exhibition will bring to Litomyšl objects that were created directly for the given places with specific genius loci or were reused for this occasion. Some works respond to current problems, others refer directly to the visuality of the environment and invite visitors to contact, others recall specific historical events of Litomyšl. Intervention in public space is not its disruption but rather a search for a mutual tone. Sometimes, the intervention is so inconspicuous that it becomes a natural part as if it had been present for a long time.

Exhibiting artists: Matěj Al-Ali, Erika Bornová, Milena Dopitová, Josef Duchan, Tomáš Hlavina, Kryštof Kaplan, Lenka Klodová, Eva Koťátková, Vladimír Kovařík, Pavel Mrkus, Richard Wiesner.

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From the opening ceremony: