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A Heap of Stones

10. 6. – 4. 8. 2024

British artist Justin Bennett (born 1964) works with sound and image. He studied sculpture, electronic music and video art and combines sound, image and space with storytelling in his work. Bennett creates works for public spaces as well as art spaces and concert halls. A Heap of Stones focuses on the landscape, ecology and culture around the village of Shap in the UK. It is situated on the geological boundary between limestone and granite and there are many prehistoric stone monuments (stone circles, mounds, etc.). Stone has been mined here since the Paleolithic and some of the factories are still in operation today. The extinct ones are “wild” and form separate nature reserves. Today, the Shap area is primarily a place where sheep farming thrives for others.


Opening Event:
9 June 2024 at 5pm with the participation of the author

Opening hours of the exhibition:
by advance booking over the phone +420 603 781 382

Přespolní, Lubná 125

Web: www.prespolni.org